10 Uncommon Ways to Find Coupons and Discounts

There are many different ways to find extra savings on almost all the things that we buy or services that we use. Some of the ways are more common than others, for example, using clipped or printed coupons to cut prices on food. Using online coupon codes is also a common way online shoppers save on purchases.

There are also common ways that we find the extra savings. Most everyone knows that coupons can be found in newspapers, magazines and online. Online shoppers turn to websites known for being coupon aggregators. Mobile shoppers use coupon apps. But what happens when we can’t find a coupon or a way to get a discount? The answer depends on how much you want to save money.

Some people give up searching for a coupon after a few failed attempts to find one. Others prefer to exhaust every possible way to find savings. For the non-giver-uppers, here are 10 uncommon ways to find coupons and discounts.

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       Get Free Food From Fast Food Restaurant

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      The next time you order food from a fast food restaurant, take a second to check out your receipt before you toss it. Many of the fast food restaurant chains offer money-saving coupons on customers’ register receipts. The offers are time sensitive and expire quickly. It is easy to miss the coupon offers, which is too bad because most of the time it is for a lot more than just a free drink.

      Also, coupons for free food are often rewarded to customers willing to complete simple online surveys rating their experience at the establishment. Many of the McDonald’s restaurants issue receipts with a coupon for a free Quarter Pounder with Cheese with any large drink purchase. To get the validation code, an online survey must be completed within seven days from the date on the receipt. You then have 30 days to use the coupon.

      Grocery store chains are also known to entice customers to complete surveys with various rewards offered, including free entries into contests and dollar-off store coupons that can be applied to the total purchase (a favorite among couponers).

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     Credit Card Rewards

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    Never has there been a time when so many credit card companies offer pretty amazing rewards programs, but it is only amazing if you work it, and not let the cards work you. To get involved in trying to come out financially ahead of the game by reaping the rewards of using your credit cards take a lot of self-control. There is only one real trick to the game, and that is that you must pay off the credit card balance each month. If you have that kind of control over your spending, then you will be able to turn your spending into a profit.

    1. Choose the right card based on your spending. Compare programs. Avoid annual fees. Read the small print.
    2. Know the exact amount that you can put onto your credit card each month by creating a budget. Remember, this only works if you pay off your cards each month.
    3. Closely monitor your credit card charges throughout the month to make certain you do not overspend.
    4. When you charge a purchase or expense, immediately subtract it out of your checking account.
    5. Avoid waiting until you are close to the due date to make payments to your credit cards. Instead, designate a specific day to send in a payment covering all of the charges you accumulated during the week. This way you will never fall into the trap of late payment fees and interest charges.
    6. Consider using a designated card for big expenses that will take longer than a month to pay off, but be sure to include what you are paying into your monthly budget.
    7. If you begin to lose track, stop charging and assess your finances. Regain full control before you start again.

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